Message From The General Commander

Brigadier general of Somaliland Fire Service appointed 05 / 07 / 2014

Dear Guests, Media Representatives

Today, “I am very happy that for the first time the Somaliland Fire Brigade has been established in Somaliland and expanded to all regions of the country. During the fire service there has been a lot of progress and I look forward to develop our service to all community.”

- Ahmed Mohamed Hassan ( Sawahili ) Somaliland fire Service Brigadier General

About Somaliland  Fire 


Somaliland fire brigade was established 2014, and mainly it’s consist of young fire fighters and most highly skilled emergency response agency. Also Somaliland Fire Brigade is ready to work to save Lives, Property and Humanitarian service.The main goal is to provide fire protection, emergency medical care, and other critical public safety services to residents and Citizens.Also the fire department works to continually educate the public in fire, life safety and disaster management, along with enforcing public safety.
We are the Somali’s largest fire and rescue service, committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people of Republic of Somaliland.


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