Public Training, Fire Safety & Building Construction

The public training, awareness and physical training departments provide training, awareness raising and firefighting facilities for the Somaliland community. The trainings were conducted for business people, IDPs and the Somaliland community.


Duties and responsibly

  • Carry out risk assessments and draw up fire plans
  • liaise with local fire services
  • investigate incidents
  • train fire wardens
  • train staff in fire prevention and evacuation drills
  • organise spot checks around the site
  • arrange regular fire alarm tests and fire drills
  • Community training
  • Awareness and prevention policy
  • maintain the Fire Protection Plan (FPP) which addresses fire prevention.
  • maintain a clean site and building(s). Ensure that construction debris is properly handled and disposed of in a timely manner.
  • They confirm that portable, properly rated and approved fire extinguishers are in their required positions. Conduct and/or monitor monthly inspections and tag sign-offs of each fire extinguisher
  • Maintain a records system and file all required reports with appropriate agencies.
  • They Perform related work such as discussing the fire safety problems with the public, building inspectors, etc., and speak on fire safety and fire prevention topics when required.

Building Construction
Prepares control and inspection plans in conjunction with the Civil Construction and Site Support Site Layout Section Leader and the Quality Assurance Division , and Somaliland fire building ;

  •  Implements control and inspection plans in conjunction and coordination with the Quality Assurance Division;
  • Monitors the on-site activities relating to buildings and the civil engineering so as to ensure their conformance with the requirements of Somaliland fire service standard, in particular those relating to health and safety, quality and conformance with approved construction documentation;
  • Prepares and follows up with non-conformance notices, in particular the on-site activities relating to the resolution of non-conformances;
  • Monitors the on-site activities carried out by the Domestic building constructions staff and their appointed representatives including the Architect-Engineer and Safety Coordinator and reports their activities .
  • Takes part in committees and meetings relevant to buildings and civil engineering activities on the site;
  •  Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of the Somaliland fire Safety Program, values and ethics.