Fire Courses and Physical Training

Fire training under the direction of the assistant Fire Chief, the necessary is responsible for advanced and specialized technical training to various departments and district personnel. Department of fire training courses and physical training is responsible for assessing training needs of the Fire Department staff through effective evaluation and consultation of requests for training; formulates training plans and implements comprehensive in-service training programs and provides new fire fighters orientation for department personnel. The department conducts various trainings including basic fire fighting, first aid, army training, Islamic studies, IT Studies, rules and regulations, physical training and electric training.

Duties and Responsibilies

  • Assessestraining needs of the Fire Department staff through investigation, consultation and evaluation of requests for training programs; makes recommendations for and assists in implementing training policies.
  • Under the direction of the Assistant Fire Chief, assists in planning, developing, recommending and coordinating a comprehensive in-service training program for District personnel and assists in the preparation of the training equipment.
  • Develops, schedules, coordinates and participates in training programs designed to increase fire skills and provide orientation to new employees.
  • Advises and assists personnel serving as assistant trainers in formulating training plans and curriculum development and the application of effective teaching methods.
  • Observes and evaluates the effectiveness of assistant trainers and analyzes training results; recommends revisions, where appropriate, to increase the effectiveness of the training program.
  • Develops and prepares or secures training manuals, charts, and other visual aids; uses such tools in training.
  •  Informs employees of available educational opportunities offered by schools and colleges in areas related to their development on the fire service.
  • May conduct classes, lead conferences, fill outside speaking engagements and serve on committees.
  • Maintains records of training programs, activities and employees’ participation and attendance.