Medical Department

Somaliland fire service department of medical Provide Command with clinical level information to enhance decisions concerning firefighter medical safety at a strategic/tactical level. Provide firefighters with real-time monitoring (instruments) by modifying work/rest cycles. Also they assigned to the Safety Section to clinically direct medical treatment, triage, and release of firefighter at the scene.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • They Conducts and administers a comprehensive training program for Line Medical Officers, Firefighter/Paramedics, and Firefighter
  • Ensures that all applicable national, regional, and local accreditation and training standards are maintained.
  • Develops curriculum, conducts wide variety of training, coordinates training with other sections.
  • Assists Battalion officers and crews with annual budget development and submittal, medical service planning, and budget related projects such as cost analysis, change recommendations, and feasibility studies.
  • Administers and coordinates day to day City of Olympia participation in Thurston County Medic One program by working closely with Medic One staff on a variety of administrative issues, participating in regional projects, meetings, and conferences, and acting as liaison with hospitals and medical agencies.
  • Assure medical program activities support and reinforce quality service program goals and objectives.
  • For medical program purposes and objectives, provide daily, functional supervision and work coordination services to Line Medical Officers, coordinating activities with Operations shift supervisor (Battalion Chief), and ensuring that medical services and operations services are complementary.
  • Assists with performance evaluation and works closely with subordinates in areas of priority setting, establishing goals, resolving problems, critical incident debriefing, recognition, and quality service delivery programs.
  • Tracks long and short range work progress, plans and implements employee development and improvement efforts, and makes recommendations for disciplinary action.
  • Maintains own Paramedic certification and provides routine and emergency medical services in response to ALS calls.
  • May be called upon to perform firefighting duties.
  • May be called upon to fulfill any item listed in the Line Medical Officer Job description.
  • Demonstrated punctual, regular and reliable attendance is required.