Emergency Ambulances for the People of Somaliland





Ayan Mohamoud and Sagal M Ashour on behalf Somaliland Fire & Rescue Service have initiated this fundraising, aiming to reach the population of Somaliland and its diaspora to join us in fundraising for emergency ambulances.


A goal of raising 50,000 Pound to get ambulances to serve the communities and society of Somaliland.

About Somaliland Fire & Rescue Service

Somaliland Fire & Rescue service was established on 2014, and mainly it’s consist of young fire fighters, most highly skilled emergency response agency. Also Somaliland Fire & Rescue service is ready to work to save Lives, property and provide humanitarian service.




The main goal is to provide fire protection, emergency medical care, and other critical public safety services to residents and Citizens. The Somaliland Fire & Rescue Service works to continually educate the public in fire, life safety and disaster management, along with enforcing public safety. We are the Somali’s largest fire and rescue service, committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people of Republic of Somaliland, East Africa.

What is this project all about?

The Somaliland Fire & Rescue Service operates permanents emergencies, including burning houses, evacuating people, including women and children and attending to traffic accidents. In all these operations, we face multiple challenges, the main one being the lack of ambulances to provide emergency medical assistance, to attend to the injured, fatalities and provide transportation to the hospitals. Presently we transport the injured in our fire trucks. Therefore it is important for us to have ambulances able to provide medical services to the people.



What problem are we trying to solve?

According to Somaliland fire and rescue service yearly report in 2020 1,010 fire were extinguished, fires were extinguished with 10,374 barrels of water, and the number of people rescued from houses and confined spaces are 89 people and last the number of vehicles saved was 125. So the main problem we currently face amongst many is lack of ambulance service to provide medical help at the scene and to the nearest hospitals.

Our project will address this issue, targeting children, Mothers and injures based in all regions in Somaliland. Through this project, Somaliland fire will have a permanent ambulance that can provide relief to the community.




What impact do we expect the project to have?

With your support, the Somaliland Fire Service ambulance project will reach millions of people in Somaliland regions and districts, and will improve the delivery of social services, we also hope that people injured in the fire can be easily transported to the hospital, and first aid will be provided.


As we need to raise significant amount of fund, we would really appreciate the donations of any amount for this good cause – no matter how small it is!


Join us and contribute to the future of Somaliland Community!





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