Communication and IT Department

Somaliland fire department of Communications & IT departments play a key role in how fire fighters, officers, commander operates. They often report directly to a fire chief commander and serve as advisers in managing communication during the fire and rescue operation. Also they work in operating communications equipment, keeping records, and other duties in the communications center of the fire control. They answer fire telephones, dispatch firefighting equipment, and keep simple records of these activities following department procedures.


Duties &Responsibilities

  • They answers telephone and secures the most accurate information possible for any incident from caller; locates street address on map or in street file; determines the correct unit(s) to be dispatched and any other pertinent information by checking address in a cross- reference file, log, or microfiche file; transmits information on fire by telephone, public address, or nearest place, and dispatches unit.
  • Keeps track of location and condition of each unit at all times; receives and transmits messages to and from the fire scene and to and from related department personnel; notifies all specified officers or special units of all working fires.
  • Calls ambulance service, utilities company, etc., for assistance at the fire scene or in emergencies, when necessary.
  • Receives emergency calls of a non-fire nature and responds appropriately.
  • Tests equipment such as fire radios, fire telephones, alarm bells, public address systems, recording equipment, or alarm boxes as prescribed by department policy.
  • Keeps logs, records, files, and lists by making entries on a regular basis or by periodically reviewing and updating information.
  • Files reports forms, cards, logs, tapes, or other items for future reference; compiles permanent records, either written or taped, of all working fires.
  • Notifies repair crew or supervisor of any malfunctioning equipment.
  • Trains new communications officers by giving demonstrations, assisting with work performance, or supervising work performed during training period.
  • Prepares for shift change by briefing oncoming shift or by being briefed by outgoing shift, checking records from previous shift, or assembling necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Performs related duties assigned.